My Biggest Takeaway From This Startup Experience

"A highlight of the program has definitely been bonding with like-minded female teenagers and meeting women in STEM around the community. This program has certainly made me feel a part of something bigger than myself. I feel this program is an amazing opportunity and I know my partners and I are so grateful for all… Continue reading My Biggest Takeaway From This Startup Experience


Press Release

Without financial support from Arrow Transportation Systems, we wouldn't have been able to get our feet off the ground. These funds help to pay our program coordinator, Kara Wright, who is such a strong support system for us. She is always helping us to be our best version of ourselves and tells us when we… Continue reading Press Release

Branding Exercise

This week, Hope from Joy Factory Films and Beth from Kamloops Innovation helped us (Alia and Sarah) with our marketing plan. Hope told us about the 7 P's of marketing, brainstormed ideas for our company/product, and helped us to figure out who we are trying to sell our product to. Beth taught us about branding,… Continue reading Branding Exercise

The Journey Begins

On May 8th, 2018, we unveiled our company, Recycled Sounds, to the startup and tech community here in Kamloops, British Columbia. With assistance from the Kamloops Innovation Centre and Joy Factory Films, our first ever business pitch was a huge success. It took a lot of work to get to this point as we've spent… Continue reading The Journey Begins