Meet Tasia!

Tasia Linquist is the sixteen year old Vice President of Sales for Recycled Sounds. She is in charge of all of our outside promotion and demand. Tasia is a hardworking straight “A” student who values a good work ethic and having all the assets necessary to complete a job, whether it be a the ability… Continue reading Meet Tasia!

Meet Rohkeya!

Rohkeya is a sixteen year old, Grade 10 student attending South Kamloops Secondary. She aspires to become a mechanical engineer. She has interests in sports like basketball and soccer. She likes to engage in mind bending puzzles, read, and write about her passion in her free time. She is the Vice President of Finance and… Continue reading Meet Rohkeya!

Meet Alia!

Alia is the fifteen year old president of Recycled Sounds. She has one of the hardest jobs as the person who is always staying on task and verifying with all the other mentors and associates. She conducts herself in such a way that all the others feel the pressure to get things done but not… Continue reading Meet Alia!

Why Women In STEM Is Important

"In my opinion, I believe it's incredibly important for women to pursue in STEM. By having women pursue in STEM we can equal females and males in the workplace, in doing so, I believe sexism and harassment in the workplace can be abolished. If the amount of women and men in STEM was equal we… Continue reading Why Women In STEM Is Important

Our First Radio Interview!

This morning, we were grateful to be interviewed by Doug Herbert at CBC Kamloops. We have never been interviewed by the media before, let alone have been on air - so this was a lot of firsts for us. We were a bit nervous that we would stutter or forget our website when asked. But… Continue reading Our First Radio Interview!