Our Product

What is Recycled Sounds?

Using reclaimed wood and locally sourced materials, Recycled Sounds uses simple science to improve your media experience in a personalized way. Soundwaves are aesthically amplified through this eco-friendly speaker and smartphone accessory. Creating a non-powered, personalized experience that would make Thomas Edison proud. Imagine watching Netflix in the comfort of shaded tree or listen to cool jazz next to a crackling fire with marshmallows. This portable, hands free device can bring out the inner dancer in you, or help you to relieve anxiety with soothing sounds. The 12×6 rectangular design uses reclaimed 1×6 lumber that can personalized in a variety of stains, colours and laser cut designs.

Why Choose Recycled Sounds?

You’ve probably said one of these statements before, and that’s why Recycled Sounds is the perfect solution. 

“I want to watch netflix hands free!”
“I wish my speaker wouldn’t die while I was out camping!”
“I want to be more eco-friendly!”
“I want to have something cool and new!”
“I want to support women going into STEM fields!”
“I need more objects with that meme cat!”

Classic Version
Available in a simple, sanded wood option, a variety of stained options, as well as in chalkboard paint, the Classic Version is a functional statement piece for your home, office, or backyard.

Customizable Version
We like cats and bicycles. ALOT. We started experimenting. Then we upgraded our Classic Version to fit your needs. Don’t like cats and bicycles? You’re in luck, as we will create the perfect piece to suit your needs!