About Us

The Kamloops Steminists are ambitious, young women who are pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities through the JABC Steminists Program. With the core concept of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) glued together with feminism, the drive to promote young women pursuing careers in STEM came to be.

By building a company in sixteen weeks and utilizing community and mentorship support, the Steminists have created their own startup here in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Recycled Sounds is a self funded joint partnership. With a decision to maximize the company’s return on our investment, this company is self funded. Recycled Sounds is fully operational and ownership is shared by a CEO and three vice presidents.  

The Kamloops Steminists’ big, audacious goal is to make enough profits and secure sufficient scholarships to pay for all of their first year’s university fees.

IMG_7207 2
The Kamloops Steminists consist of four South Kamloops Secondary School students.

From left to right (as pictured):

Tasia Linquist – Vice President of Sales
Tasia is the 16 year old Vice President of Sales for Recycled Sounds. She is in charge of all of our outside promotion and demand. Tasia is a hardworking straight “A” student who values a good work ethic and having all the assets necessary to complete a job, whether it be a the ability to speak publicly or something as simple as pen and paper to take notes. She loves to write stories, think of new ideas for an entrepreneurial career and play with her cats.

Alia Sandeman-Allen – President
Alia is the 15 year old president of Recycled Sounds. She has one of the hardest jobs as the person who is always staying on task and verifying with all the other mentors and associates. She conducts herself in such a way that all the others feel the pressure to get things done but not so much pressure that it is unbearable. She is the perfect balance between nimble mindedness and compassion for her team. Alia is an amazing student who works hard to achieve her goal and keep her sights high. She plays soccer, basketball and if playing with kittens was a sport she would be rocking it.

Rohkeya Diaou – Vice President of Production and Finance
Rohkeya is a 16 year old grade 10 student attending South Kamloops Secondary. She aspires to become a mechanical engineer. She has interests in sports like basketball and soccer. She likes to engage in mind bending puzzles, read, and write about her passion in her free time. Rohkeya Diaou is the Vice President of Finance and Production in our company. Her main roles include managing the financial welfare and keeping track of all things production related.

Sarah Baughan – Vice President of Marketing
Sarah is a 16 year old vice president of marketing for the up and coming natural wooden speaker: Recycled Sounds. She is an extremely accomplished employee striving for perfection in all aspects of her work. For example; the Instagram page and art on the custom speakers are flawless. Sarah is a straight “A” student whose dedication is shown in the product of her aches and pains. She adores her dog, loves to hang out with friends and scroll through social media for new ideas on life and business.

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  1. Goodmorning ☺️!
    Just checking in as to when I can pick up the speaker I custom ordered on May 26 at Brewloops. It was to be dark wood with trees ☺️, thank you for your reply.
    Take care,
    Lisa Noble


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