Recycled Sounds: The Origin Story

The product idea came from our collective desire to watch Netflix in bed on our smartphones hands free. We were holding our phones, but our arms would get tired. We would prop them against books but the angle wasn’t right. We loved the idea that we could combine hands free binge watching of our favourite shows with an aesthetically pleasing look and amplified sound using STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Kamloops Steminists - Recycled Sounds

While the initial concept for Recycled Sounds was to solve a problem for us introverts while spending much needed time alone doing self care things like binging watching Netflix, it also naturally encouraged us to be more social! After a stressful business pitch, listening to music together in on our Recycled Sounds speaker in the sunshine was unexpectedly calming. We have since found ourselves bringing out our Recycled Sounds after practice, in the backyard with family and we’ve even gotten together to binge watch our favourite shows together.

With the sound naturally amplified and our hands free, we can’t wait to watch all 10 seasons of Friends with our new gal pals and some popcorn!