My Biggest Takeaway From This Startup Experience

“A highlight of the program has definitely been bonding with like-minded female teenagers and meeting women in STEM around the community. This program has certainly made me feel a part of something bigger than myself. I feel this program is an amazing opportunity and I know my partners and I are so grateful for all the mentors and volunteers who have given us their time to help us learn important skills for something we all enjoy. I’ve made friends for life and gained confidence in my abilities of public speaking, entrepreneurship and developing connections with others. I would definitely recommend this incredible program to any female teen who’s even remotely interested in STEM and being apart of a community.” 
– Sarah Baughman, Vice President of Marketing

Kamloops Steminists - Recycled Sounds
Rohkeya, Alia, and Tasia pose in their lab coats at South Kamloops Secondary School